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Interview with Flora Robertson about Dust Storms in Oklahoma, August 5, 1940

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Courtesy of Library of Congress, Robertson, Flora, "Interview about dust storms in Oklahoma," 5 August 1940


Flora Robertson is heard being interviewed about dust storms in Oklahoma. Robertson lived in the state with her family during the Dust Bowl. In this audio file, she discusses the fear of being in a dust storm. Flora and her family ultimately moved to California to escape the Dust Bowl, but every year they returned to their farm. The audio also includes an original poem beginning, "I came to Oklahoma before it was a state."

Transcript of Flora Robertson's Interview about Oklahoma Dust Storms

Source-Dependent Questions

  • To what does Flora Robertson compare the clouds of dust? Why did she make that comparison?
  • Why would the lamp that Flora lit in the storm house not produce enough light to see anything?
  • Describe what Flora said about the lungs of her lamb Dottie after it died. Why did Flora and her family put wet rags over their mouths?
  • Why do you think Flora and her family waited five years before leaving Oklahoma?

Citation Information 

Robertson, Flora, "Interview about dust storms in Oklahoma," 5 August 1940. Courtesy of Library of Congress