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People Picketing the Use of Tax Dollars for the Development of Nuclear Weapons, March 15, 1950

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Protesters against the use of tax dollars going to develop nuclear weapons in the United States.
Courtesy of Library of Congress, Palumbo, Fred, World-Telegram, 15 March 1950


The black and white image is of individuals protesting the use of tax money to develop nuclear weapons in the United States. Two individuals are marching holding signs, one states, “Let’s do it Gandhi’s way not Truman’s,” the other reads, “Your taxes pay for the H-Bomb.”

Source-Dependent Questions

  • Select one passage from Senator Thomas E. Martin’s speech, "Defense - Space - Atomic," that these picketers could be protesting. Use evidence from the letter and the image.
  • How would the picketers characterize the moral standing of the United States? How would Sen. Martin characterize the validity of the picketers' arguments?

Citation Information 

Palumbo, Fred, "Persons picketing against the use of tax dollars for the development of nuclear weapons," World-Telegram, 15 March 1950. Courtesy of Library of Congress