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Korean War Atrocities Report by U.S. Senate, January 1954

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Courtesy of Library of Congress, U.S. Congress, January 1954


U.S. Senator Joseph McCarthy appointed a special subcommittee on October 6, 1953,  to investigate the war crimes committed by communist forces in Korea with the purpose of bringing them to the world’s attention. The “Korean War Atrocities” report, which was released in January 1954, details these findings. 

Full Transcript of the Korean War Atrocities Report

Transcribed Excerpts from the Korean War Atrocities Report

Source-Dependent Questions

  • Based on the information contained within the report, how would you characterize communism? List at least three specific words or passages that were carefully included by the U.S. Senate subcommittee to achieve this characterization.
  • What if any bias do you see in the document? Could this report could considered propaganda? Provide specific evidence from the text to support your claim.
  • Contrast the treatment of Americans held as prisoners of war by the communists to that of communist prisoners of war held by Raymond Ayon. Include specific evidence from each source.
  • Could this report be used to help America win its war of ideals? Why or why not? Provide textual evidence to support your claim.

Citation Information 

"Korean War Atrocities Report of the Committee on Government Operations made through its Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations by its Subcommittee on Korean War Atrocities," U.S. Congress, January 1954. Courtesy of Library of Congress