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Letter from Private Estle Senter to his Mother During World War I, December 19, 1918

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Courtesy of State Historical Society of Iowa, 19 December 1918


This handwritten letter is from Army Private Estle Senter to his mother, L.A. Senter, who lives in Rippey, Iowa. The letter was written December 19, 1918, a month after World War I officially ended. 

Transcript of Private Estle Senter's Letter to his Mother During World War I

Source-Dependent Questions

  • From the letter, how do you think Estle feels he has been treated? What text evidence supports your thoughts?
  • Describe what Estle has seen or experienced while serving as a soldier in France. How do you think he feels about his service so far?
  • How is Estle's letter similar to the letter written by George Stewart? What are some differences? Do you think they both share a common view of serving their country? Why or why not?