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Women’s Army Corps Company Outside Des Moines Theater, September 29, 1943

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Photo from outside the Des Moines Theater of the Women's Army Corps company from the Fort Des Moines training center at opening event for the premiere of the motion picture film "Women at War."
Courtesy of State Historical Society of Iowa, 29 September 1943


This photograph shows the Women's Army Corps Company from the Ft. Des Moines training center at the premiere of the motion picture film "Women at War" at the Des Moines Theater in September of 1943.

Source-Dependent Questions

  • Using the text you see as well as the context clues, what do you believe was taking place when this photo was taken? Why do you think the photographer felt it was important to capture on film?
  • Why would there by such an organized military salute to the premiere of this movie?
  • By studying this picture, do you feel society was supportive of women joining the war effort beyond what they did on the homefront?