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“Eleven Reasons Why Iowa Should Re-Elect Senator Cummins” Leaflet, 1920

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1920 campaign leaflet as to why Iowa should re-elect Senator Albert B. Cummins.
Courtesy of State Historical Society of Iowa, 1920


This 1920 campaign leaflet listed 11 reasons as to why Iowa should re-elect Senator Albert B. Cummins. He was the 18th governor of Iowa and served as the U.S. Senator for Iowa for 18 years. Cummins was a member of the Republican Party. 

Transcript of 1920 Senator Albert Cummins Leaflet

Source-Dependent Questions

  • According to the leaflet, what personal attributes and qualities does Senator Albert Cummins display that the average, “every day” voter would appreciate? Which major groups of Iowans would these attributes and qualities appeal to?
  • Consider the context surrounding this leaflet and the election of 1920. What events during the time period would make these listed qualities and characteristics desirable to voters?
  • If these same qualities and characteristics were used to describe a candidate for Iowa senator in 2017, would they be effective? Why or why not?