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"Beaconsfield Supply Store," 2007

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A small brick building is Beaconsfield, Iowa, is recognized on the Register of Historic Places.  It was home to the Beaconsfield Supply Store, which was the first “Hy-Vee” store.
Courtesy of the State Historical Society of Iowa, "Beaconsfield Supply Store," Iowa Heritage Illustrated, pp. 161, 2007


The Beaconsfield Supply Store was known as the first home of "Hy-Vee." The small brick building was approved to be placed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Transcript of "Beaconsfield Supply Store"

Source-Dependent Questions

  • In the photo, what do you notice about the Beaconsfield store compared to today's Hy-Vee stores?
  • Why does the author of this text point out that there is such a stark difference between the size of the Hy-Vee company and the size of the community of Beaconsfield?
  • In the Hy-Vee historical timeline, it states the "friendly smile in every aisle" slogan was introduced in 1963. How do you think this first store in Beaconsfield connects to that slogan?