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"Liberty Under the Law" - Sen. Warren G. Harding's Speech, July 22, 1920

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Courtesy of Library of Congress, Harding, William G., 22 July 1920


Senator Warren G. Harding, Republican candidate for president, spoke about the rights of American citizens in this 1920 speech. Warren said the responsibility of government is to protect and sustain those same liberties and said it is the "committal of the Republican party to that saving constitutionalism which contemplates all America as one people and holds just government free from influence on the one hand, and unmoved by intimidation on the other." In the aftermath of World War I, Harding is calling attention to the trade-off between freedom and security in the United States against the "menacy tendency of the present day."

Transcript of Senator Warren G. Harding's Speech 

Source-Dependent Questions

  • Why would Senator Warren G. Harding feel the Republic has been “menaced from within?"
  • What ideals is Harding trying to guard the people against? Why?
  • Harding states, “He who threatens destruction of the government by force, or flaunts his contempt for lawful authority, ceases to be a loyal citizen and forfeits his right to the freedom of the Republic.” Do you agree? Why or why not?

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