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"The Film Lounge" Returns With 10 More Films

Aug 22, 2017

DES MOINES – Ten independent short films by Iowa artists have been selected for the second season of "The Film Lounge," a collaborative TV series that premiered on Iowa Public Television earlier this year to high praise from filmmakers and fans.

"The Film Lounge" is produced by Iowa Public Television in partnership with the Iowa Arts Council and Produce Iowa, both divisions of the Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs, and with generous support from the Gilchrist Foundation.

"The Film Lounge" highlights experimental and art films by Iowans, celebrates filmmaking as an art form, and recognizes the contributions of filmmaking to the economic and cultural vitality of Iowa. The films are 2 to 20 minutes in various genres, including animation, art, documentary, experimental, music video and narrative.

Iowa Public Television will air the films during two, one-hour episodes in February. More information about the air dates will be announced as they are confirmed.

The list of Iowa filmmakers and movies selected for the second season of “The Film Lounge” follows:

(Film Title)

Cedar Falls
Aaron Van Maanen and Holden Feagler
"Through," 2017
An anachronic narrative film that follows a person wrestling with inner demons and isolation.

Thomas C. Johnson
"Marieke," 2017
A documentary about the life and craft of acclaimed Dutch Gouda cheesemaker Marieke Penterman from Thorp, Wisc.

Des Moines
Nella Thomas and William Locker
"1871," 2016
A music video that puts a contemporary twist on an old Western tune.

Des Moines
Benjamin Gardner
"Hallucination Dream Sequence," 2017
An experimental animation based on the phenomena that occur during sleep, dreams, and falling asleep.

Des Moines
Jack Meggers
"'On My Mind' by The Maytags," 2017
A music video that explores love’s ability to alter one’s perception of reality.

Des Moines
Juan Acuna Esparza
"Lazy Bones, Lazy Bones," 2017
A surreal depiction of procrastination and one's lack of motivation in a project.

Ruth Mataya Garcia
"Lily," 2016
A poem-based film that follows the darker desires of the human soul.

Graham Cooper
"Atmanus," 2017
A narrative film about growing up and the consequences faced when given the freedom to choose your own path.

Iowa City
Kaitlyn Busbee and Elizabeth June Bergman
"Introspect," 2015
An improvisational dance film that explores the notion of "the gaze" in Western society.

Iowa City
P. Sam Kessie
"Transplanted," 2017
An experimental film that explores immigrant displacement through the lens of an alien arriving in foreign space.

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