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Past Iowa Stories

Date Program Title
10/21/2009 History for Lunch - The Museum Curator and the Meskwaki
11/07/2012 History for Lunch - Moen and the Mural: From Urban Renewal to Occupy Iowa City, 1972-2012
12/12/2012 History for Lunch - The Amana Landscape: Photographs by David Heusinkveld
01/10/2013 History for Lunch - From Pieces of Eight to Federal Reserve Bank Currency, Iowa's Monetary Journey
01/23/2013 History for Lunch - Iowa's Land, Water, and Air - A Writer's Perspective
02/20/2013 History for Lunch - The Music of William C. Wright
03/07/2013 History for Lunch - Hard at Work: Women at the Amana Refrigeration Company, 1950-1970
03/20/2013 History for Lunch - Low Impact Development and Utilizing Green Stormwater Infrastructure
04/10/2013 History for Lunch - An Iowa Treasure: Preservation of Motor Mill on the Turkey River
05/16/2013 History for Lunch - From Lillian Russell to Ashton Kutcher: Iowa's Opera Houses and Movie Theatres
07/20/2013 History for Lunch - The Art of the Catalog: Illustrations from Henry Field
09/18/2013 History for Lunch - Bicycling Through History: Iowa's Love Affair with Two-Wheeled Travel
11/13/2013 History for Lunch - A Bag of Penny Candy: Women of the 1930s - A Collective Memoir
01/29/2014 History for Lunch - How East Iowa City Came to Be
History for Lunch - Designing a House the Wright Way: An Iowa City Architectural Treasure
History for Lunch - Great Depression Work Relief and the Landscape of Meskwaki History
03/12/2014 History for Lunch - Peace as a Farm Women's Issue: The Rhetoric of Ruth Buxton Sayre
History for Lunch - The View from 70 Women Revisited
04/09/2014 History for Lunch - Diversity among the Black Population in the U.S.
05/21/2014 History for Lunch - Ordinary People of the New China's Changing Image of the United States
09/11/2014 History for Lunch - Hollywood in the Heartland - Iowa and Iowans in Film
09/25/2014 History for Lunch - Passenger Rail Transportation in Iowa City
History for Lunch - Humans and Other Animals on Campus
History for Lunch - Women's Work and Labor Activism
11/20/2014 History for Lunch - Iowa's Remarkable Role in World War II
11/20/2014 History for Lunch - Salvaging History for the Future
02/12/2015 History for Lunch - The Great Osage National Bank Robbery of 1866
02/26/2015 History for Lunch - Iowa City and Cedar Rapids Brewery Caves
03/12/2015 History for Lunch - Althea R. Sherman's Chimney Swifts' Tower
History for Lunch - Poetry and World War I
04/09/2015 History for Lunch - The Public and the Peoples' Weather Map
04/23/2015 History for Lunch - Visualizing Interiors and Entering into Illustrations
History for Lunch - Justice Evolves in Painted Form
History for Lunch - Smallpox and the Transformation of the Meskwaki Settlement
09/22/2016 History for Lunch - MacKinlay Kantor, Iowa Author
History for Lunch - Invisible Hawkeyes: African Americans at the University of Iowa During the Long Civil Rights Era
12/08/2016 History for Lunch - Iowa in the Civil War: The benefits of using a single state to analyze the Civil War experience
01/28/2017 Making History: 160 Years at the State Historical Society of Iowa - Benjamin F. Shambaugh
Making History: 160 Years at the State Historical Society of Iowa - The History of Iowa Labor
03/08/2018 History for Lunch: Crusading Iowa Journalist Verne Marshall
Photography and American History: The Iowa Example
History for Lunch / Iowa Stories: Nuclear Power on Trial: The Acquittal of the Palo 13
History for Lunch / Iowa Stories: Iowa Women's Clubs and the Promotion of Iowa Composers
History for Lunch / Iowa Stories: Iowa Native Nations Health
History for Lunch / Iowa Stories:The Iowa Angle - Frank Lloyd Wright
10/16/2019 History for Lunch / Iowa Stories: Why in the World Study Diaries?
11/07/2019 History for Lunch / Iowa Stories: Black Thunder - The Story of a Mosquito
3/11/2020 History for Lunch / Iowa Stories: Grinnell Stories - African Americans of Early Grinnell
10/15/2020 Iowa Stories: 'Outdoor Shop Talk' 
10/29/2020 Iowa Stories: Andrew Carnegie's Riches in Iowa
11/19/2020 Iowa Stories: Meskwaki Food Sovereignty Initiative
12/3/2020  Iowa Stories: 'Plagued By Fire: The Dreams and Furies of Frank Lloyd Wright'
2/18/2021 Iowa Stories: Chicago, Rock Island, & Pacific Railroad Company History with H. Roger Grant
2/25/2021 Iowa Stories: Communal Societies of Iowa
3/17/2021 Iowa Stories: The Cherry Sisters: The Best Worst Act in the World
4/8/2021 Iowa Stories: Iowa Gardens of the Past presented by Beth Cody
4/29/2021 Iowa Stories: Thunder From the Prairie: The Life of Harold E. Hughes
6/24/2021 Iowa Stories: Iowa Women's Corrections: A History
7/15/2021 Iowa Stories: Household Economy at Wall Ridge
8/11/2021 Iowa Stories: Grant Wood and the 1930s Artists at the Iowa State Fair
9/2/2021 Iowa Stories: Celebrating Labor Day: from the bottom up
9/29/2021 Iowa Stories: Iowa Child Welfare Research Station
11/18/2021 Iowa Stories: Coming Home: Food Sovereignty and Healing Trauma

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