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Students participating in History Alive

History Alive

The "History Alive" program will not be offered during 2021. Educators are encouraged to use other educator resources available through the Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs, including the new Days of Learning program, which connects educators, students, parents and lifelong learners from around the state with dynamic programming to showcase Iowa's arts, history, humanities and film. 

"History Alive" is an interactive and multi-disciplinary program for students in upper elementary through high school and is offered in the fall and spring of each school year. The program highlights Iowa’s history in relation to larger history topics through dynamic programming, workshops and activities. "History Alive" connects to the Iowa Core in many subject areas, but specifically to social studies and literacy.


History Alive: Votes for Women

  • Recommended for grades 4-5
  • Recorded virtual programs available for grades 4-12
  • Meets Iowa Core Social Studies and Visual Arts Standards

To celebrate the centennial anniversary of the 19th Amendment's passage, the State Historical Museum of Iowa has developed a free, digital education package to teach the history of women’s suffrage in Iowa and the United States. The History Alive digital package includes a variety of educational materials and activities, including recorded programs and primary sources only available through the museum. The activities are flexible for in-person, virtual or hybrid instruction. 

Past Lectures to Watch

The following videos from past History Alive programs may be used to prepare lessons or to watch with students to provide historical context.

Topic Presenter History Alive Program
World War I Overview Amy Rutenberg Iowa and World War I (2018)
Flu Epidemic of 1918 Amahia Mallea Iowa and World War I (2018)
African-American Troops at Fort Des Moines Bernard Harris Iowa and World War I (2018)
End of World War I and Beginning of World War II  Ross Kennedy Iowa and World War I (2018)
Why World War I  Amy Rutenberg Iowa and World War I (2017)
Herbert Hoover World War I Food Relief  Matt Schaefer Iowa and World War I (2017)
Officer Training at Fort Des Moines  Jack Lufkin Iowa and World War I (2017)