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Artisan Herlinda Artola, Painting with wool, Date Unknown

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Ten Thousand Villages, a fair trade partner group Intercrafts Peru
Courtesy of Ten Thousand Villages, Valentina, “Craftsmanship. The difference is in the details,” 2 September 2016


Herlinda Artola, who is making a wall hanging by 'painting with wool', a technique where vibrant colors of wool are woven to make a piece of art. She works with Ten Thousand Villages, a fair trade partner group Intercrafts, Peru, in Peru. 

Source-Dependent Questions

  • Look closely at the photograph. The artist in the photo is Herlinda Artola. Describe what she is making as an artist in Peru for the fair trade of Ten Thousand Villages?
  • How is Ten Thousand Villages supporting Herlinda and her community? 

Citation Information

Courtesy of Ten Thousand Villages