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Times haven't changed much, after all., 1919

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 “Ding” Darling created this political cartoon comparing medieval jousting with modern football in 1919 when football safety was in headlines.
Courtesy of University of Iowa Digital Library, Darling, Jay N. “Times haven't changed much, after all.” 1919


Ding Darling was a political cartoonist from Iowa. His cartoons appeared in newspapers throughout the country through most of the twentieth century. This cartoon compares football to medieval jousts. The cartoon appeared during a time when football safety was a national conversation following the deaths of players on the field.

Source-Dependent Questions

  • List the comparisons the artist makes between medieval jousting and football. Consider the title the artist gave to this cartoon.
  • Based on the list you created above, summarize your opinion of the title the artist chose for this cartoon.
  • Construct an argument that answers the supporting question: How do sports connect us to our past?

Citation Information

Darling, Jay N. “Times haven't changed much, after all.” Iowa Digital Library, University of Iowa, 1919, University of Iowa Digital Library.