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Take Me Out to the Ball Game, 1908

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Courtesy of Library of Congress. Take Me Out to the Ball Game, 1908


“Take Me out to the Ball Game” is a standard song heralding the belief in the greatness of American baseball. Traditionally, the chorus is sung during the 7th Inning stretch at games. The song has been sung at baseball games since it was written.



Full Transcript of Take Me Out to the Ball Game, 1908

Source Dependent Questions

  • Watch the video of announcer Harry Caray leading fans at Wrigley Field in the chorus of the song “Take Me out to the Ballgame”. What do you observe about the way fans respond to the song? How can a song unify a group of people?

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Norworth, Jack, et al. Take Me Out to the Ball Game. 1908. Audio. Retrieved from the Library of Congress,.