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The One-Teacher Negro School in Veazy, Georgia, October 1941

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The photograph features a classroom of a school of only black children in Veazy, Georgia in 1941.
Courtesy of Library of Congress, Delano, Jack, U.S. Food and Drug Administration, October 1941


Jack Delano, a photographer, took photos of two schools in the same county for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in October 1941. The one featured was taken in a school designated for African-American children in Veazy, Georgia. The other photo, "Classroom in a School," featured a white-only school in Siloam, Georgia.

Source-Dependent Questions

  • Compare and contrast the following photographs, “Classroom in the School” and “The One-Teacher Negro School in Veazy.”
  • Based on these two images, how were the opportunities in education unequal for these school children?

Citation Information 

Delano, Jack, "The One-Teacher Negro School in Veazy," U.S. Food and Drug Administration, October 1941. Courtesy of Library of Congress