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Letter from Mrs. Stuhr to Iowa Governor Robert Ray about Tai Dam Refugees, May 13, 1980

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Letter from Mrs. Stuhr to Iowa Governor Robert Ray
Courtesy of State Historical Society of Iowa, 13 May, 1980


This letter is from Iowan Mrs. John Stuhr to Iowa Governor Robert Ray in 1980. Stuhr is from Council Bluffs, and she is writing the governor to express her disapproval of the state's support of southeast Asian refugee resettlement in Iowa. 

Transcript of Mrs. Stuhr's Letter to Iowa Governor Robert Ray

Source-Dependent Questions

  • When was this document written, and who was it addressed to? What is this citizen's thoughts about Cuban refugees coming to Iowa? Provide evidence from the memo.
  • What arguments does this letter writer raise about money spent on refugees? Why are these arguments important to her?
  • What does the writer of this memo say about the Cubans? Compare this to the memo from E.L. Colton. Discuss why Iowans and Americans can have different points of view about refugees.