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"Coachman Wanted" Newspaper Advertisement, May 14, 1852

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This newspaper ad for a coachman in 1852 demonstrates a dislike for Irish during the time period when significant numbers of Irish were immigrating to the United States.
Courtesy of Library of Congress, "Coachman Wanted," New-York Daily Tribune, pp. 1, 14 May 1852


Wanted advertisements in newspapers throughout the Antebellum period explicitly told jobseekers who was and who was not an acceptable applicant. This ad is noteworthy because, during the tumultuous 1850s, it shows several distinct prejudices.

Transcript of "Coachman Wanted" Newspaper Advertisement

Printable Excerpt of "Coachman Wanted" Newspaper Advertisement

Source-Dependent Questions

  • The ad specifically seeks out African-American applicants. Given what you know about the United States in 1852, speculate as to why.
  • How does this ad and the "Wanted - An American or English Girl" ad demonstrate a prejudice against certain groups of people?
  • How would you feel if you were an immigrant from Ireland looking for a job, but were told that "No Irish need apply." Speculate about how such limits may have impacted the lives of Irish immigrants. Give at least two specific examples.

Citation Information 

"Coachman Wanted," New-York Daily Tribune, pp. 1, 14 May 1852. Courtesy of Library of Congress