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"A Chicken for Every Pot" Political Ad, October 30, 1928

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Political Ad for Herbert Hoover called "A Chicken for Every Pot"
Courtesy of National Archives and Records Administration, The New York Times, 30 October 1928


This is the advertisement that caused President Herbert Hoover's opponents to state that he had promised voters a chicken in every pot and two cars in every garage during the campaign of 1928. During the campaign of 1932, Democrats sought to embarrass the president by recalling his alleged statement. According to an article in The New York Times, Hoover did not make such a statement. The report was based on this ad placed by a local committee.

Transcript of "A Chicken for Every Pot" Political Ad

Source-Dependent Questions

  • What policies are Republicans promoting that they have enacted which led to “...raised living standards and lowered living costs?" Do you think those policies lead to the standard of living stated or could other factors have led to this development?
  • How does this government policy, as laid out by the quote below, make the fall into the great depression more surprising? Did this make more difficult for individuals to accept the reality of the depression?
    "Thanks to Republican administration, farmer, dairyman and merchant can make deliveries in less time and at less expense, can borrow cheap money to refund exorbitant mortgages, and stock their pastures, ranges and shelves."

Citation Information 

"A Chicken for Every Pot," The New York Times, 30 October 1928. Courtesy of National Archives and Records Administration