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The Four Freedoms, 1943

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Courtesy of the Library of Congress, The Four Freedoms, 1943


In his Annual Message to Congress in January 1941, President Franklin Roosevelt outlined what became known as the Four Freedoms. In 1943, artist Norman Rockwell created four paintings depicting the freedoms President Roosevelt had highlighted in his speech.

Source-Dependent Questions

  • What parts of the Four Freedoms do you recognize from founding documents like the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights?
  • The posters that were created by artist Normal Rockwell were meant to inspire Americans. After studying the posters, pick one of the freedoms and create your own poster. How would it be the same or different from Rockwell’s vision?
  • What was happening in Europe that led President Franklin Roosevelt to talk about freedoms for all humans and not just Americans? President Roosevelt’s speech is located at

Citation Information

The Four Freedoms, 1943. Library of Congress.