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"Millions of Acres" Advertisement, 1872

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This flyer from the Burlington and Missouri River R.R. Co. is selling millions of acres of land in Iowa and Nebraska.
Courtesy of Library of Congress, "Millions of Acres," Burlington & Missouri River Railroad Co., 1872


This was an advertisement created by the Burlington & Missouri River Railroad Co. in 1872 to increase land sales in Iowa and Nebraska. This flyer promoted "millions of acres" of land being sold on 10 years credit with six percent interest.  

Transcript of "Millions of Acres" Advertisement

Source-Dependent Questions

  • Describe the flyer above. What is this flyer advertising?
  • What evidence is there in this flyer to suggest that humans are modifying their physical environment to grow food?
  • Describe and explain how flyers like this helped people settle in the Great Plains.

Citation Information 

"Millions of Acres," Burlington & Missouri River Railroad Co., 1872. Courtesy of Library of Congress