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Letter from Thomas T. Swann to Abraham Lincoln, June 15, 1860

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Courtesy of Library of Congress, Swann, Thomas T., 15 June 1860


In his letter to the newly-nominated Republican candidate for president, Thomas T. Swann requests an explanation of Abraham Lincoln’s positions on five important issues. Swann served as a politician in Maryland. He was most known for pushing back against abolitionists and utilizing a political strategy built on the platform of entrenching white power and displacing independent African Americans.

Transcript of Letter from Thomas T. Swann to Abraham Lincoln

Source-Dependent Questions

  • Describe the tone of the letter. Use evidence from the letter to support your decision.
  • How does this primary source help us understand the interaction between presidential candidates and the electorate at the time this was written? What specific word choice or passages from the letter led you to believe this?

Citation Information 

Swann, Thomas T., 15 June 1860. Courtesy of Library of Congress