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Buxton Wonders Baseball Team, 1915

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Photograph of the Buxton Wonders Baseball Team, an all-Negro traveling baseball team in 1915.
Courtesy of University of Iowa Libraries and Archives, Osborn, Nancy, "Buxton Wonders Baseball Team," 1915


The Buxton Wonders Baseball Team was partially sponsored by the Consolidation Coal Company through the donation of land to play on, building bleachers and even paying for uniforms for this traveling team. It is reported that this team always had both African-American and white players and traveled to such places as Chicago, Illinois, Kansas City, Missouri and Birmingham, Alabama, though they were not always well received in other towns. Admission to the Buxton home games was $0.50, and often the city band held concerts after the games.

Source-Dependent Questions

  • Is having a traveling baseball team a “need” or a “want” for a community?
  • What does the existence of the Buxton Wonders baseball team tell us about the economic success of Buxton?
  • Why would a coal company sponsor a baseball team?

Citation Information

Osborn, Nancy, "Buxton Wonders Baseball Team," 1915. Courtesy of University of Iowa Libraries and Archives