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Benjamin C. Buxton, Founder of Buxton, Iowa, Date Unknown

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Portrait of Benjamin Buxton, superintendent of Consolidation Coal Company, along with namesake and planner of Buxton, Iowa.
Courtesy of State Historical Society of Iowa, Date Unknown


Benjamin Buxton was the namesake of and main planner of the town of Buxton. Benjamin Buxton took over as superintendent of Consolidation Coal Company from his father, John Buxton, in 1896, when he was just 25 years old, until 1909. The town of Buxton, established in 1900, was located near 10 mines, had many businesses and recreational opportunities, and continued to actively recruit black and immigrant workers. The Consolidation Coal Company abandoned Buxton in 1923 and ended coal mining altogether in 1927.

Source-Dependent Question

  • Using evidence from the photo, how would you describe Benjamin Buxton?
  • Benjamin Buxton recruited people of all races and ethnicities to work in Buxton. Why do you think he did that?