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Letter from Former President Andrew Jackson to Amos Kendall, June 2, 1840

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Former President Andrew Jackson wrote this letter to Mr. Amos Kendall to support him in his efforts to endorse the Democratic Party in his newspaper.
Courtesy of Library of Congress, Jackson, Andrew, "Andrew Jackson to Amos Kendall," 2 June 1840


Andrew Jackson wrote this letter to Amos Kendall, journalist, politician and lawyer, during the contentious presidential election year of 1840. From his home in Tennessee, the former president continued to direct the path of the new Democratic party. 

Transcript of Former President Andrew Jackson's Letter to Amos Kendall

Source-Dependent Questions

  • Several sources say that the Federalist Party no longer existed by 1840. If that is so, why does Andrew Jackson refer to "Federalists" in this letter? Does he mean the Federalist Party or something else?
  • Why do you think Jackson names neither the candidate nor the candidate's party?
  • Citing evidence from the text, how does Jackson compare the Democratic Party with the opposing party?
  • In the presidential campaign of 1840, the Whig candidate for president used a log cabin and cider as his symbols of his campaign. Use a reliable source to discover more about the Whig candidate as well as the use and meaning of the symbols.

Citation Information 

Jackson, Andrew, "Andrew Jackson to Amos Kendall," 2 June 1840. Courtesy of Library of Congress