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Prohibition and Temperance

Prohibition and Temperance

From 1920 to 1933, the 18th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution made it illegal for Americans to manufacture, sell or transport "intoxicating beverages." That pivotal period of history was known as Prohibition, and came into effect because of a compelling temperance crusade. In Iowa, temperance was one of the major issues dividing the two political parties from the Civil War through the early 20th century. The state almost passed an amendment enshrining temperance into the state constitution, but eventually, Prohibition was repealed nationwide with the passage of the 21st Amendment. 

  • Reform Movements in America: Use this primary source set to view photos, documents, political cartoons and more related to the temperance crusade in the United States. 
Expedition Activities
   + Word Search Puzzle
   + Goldie at Home: Roaring Twenties Dance Party
   + History of Prohibition and Temperance Interactive Tool
   + Timeline of Prohibition in Iowa
   + Portraits of the Temperance Movement
   + Iowa History 101 Series
   + Prohibition (PBS)

Explore the History of Prohibition and Temperance 

Not an expert on Prohibition and the temperance movement? No problem! Use this interactive tool to navigate the history of this important period in Iowa and the United States. 


Solve a Word Search Puzzle

Find the listed words hidden in the grid of letters in this Goldie's word search puzzle. The words in this puzzle are inspired by Prohibition and the temperance movement in America. 

Goldie at Home Activity

Put on your dancing shoes for this week's Goldie at Home activity to learn about the popular (and sometimes banned) dance moves of the early Jazz Age. Goldie at Home activities connect Iowa history with STEAM education and include easy-to-follow instructions that require few materials. 

Iowa History 101 Series

Watch the June 25 live webinar with State Curator Leo Landis about prohibition and the temperance movement in Iowa. For more webinars, visit Iowa History 101 Series


Watch Videos

"Prohibition" is a three-part documentary film series that tells the story of the rise, rule and fall of the 18th Amendment (prohibition). Head to the documentary's PBS website for shortened video clips, photos, documents, maps and more about this pivotal time in American history. 

Discover Additional Resources

Utilize these State Historical Society of Iowa resources to follow the timeline of Prohibition in Iowa and learn more about the people who were leaders within the temperance movement. 
     + Timeline of Prohibition in Iowa
     + Portraits of the Temperance Movement