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Hollywood in the Heartland

Movies & Film

From silent films in the early 1900s to today, Iowa's presence on the silver screen is notable. Film studios brought the work of Iowa-born writers to theaters across the country, including the work of Keosaqua's Phil Strong who wrote "State Fair," which was made into two films featuring the Iowa State Fair as its setting, and Mason City's Meredith Wilson's "The Music Man." The state has provided the backdrop for numerous films, such as Norman Lear's "Cold Turkey," "Field of Dreams" and "The Bridges of Madison County." And notable natives have represented the state through their work on screen, from John Wayne to Ron Livingston, Johnny Carson to Jason Momoa and Donna Reed to Danai Gurira, all of these entertainers can call Iowa home. Iowa even launched two Superman legacies — George Reeves and Brandon Routh.

Expedition Activities
   + Hollywood in the Heartland Exhibition Interactive Tool
   + Goldie's Movie BINGO Card
   + Goldie's Movie Recommendations with an Iowa Connection
   + Goldie at Home: Movies & Film
   + Iowa History 101 Series
   + Video: Don Hall Illustrator Showcase
   + Video: Filmmaker Oscar Micheaux
   + Produce Iowa: Famous Iowans List; Iowa Filmography List
   + "Path to Hollywood Starts in Postville" Blog Post
   + "Iowa Drive-Ins Draw a New Generation" Blog Post

Explore the History of Iowa Movies and Film

Iowa has provided the backdrop for many Hollywood films throughout the years. Use this interactive tool to navigate movie and film history in the State Historical Museum's Hollywood in the Heartland exhibition

Plan an Iowa BINGO and Movie Night 

What do the movies Moana and The Brave Little Toaster have in common? Both films were helmed by Iowans! Use Goldie's recommendations list to discover more movies with an Iowa connection. Fill out the Goldie's Movie BINGO card and submit it for special prizes. 
     + Goldie's Movie BINGO Card
     + Goldie's Movie Recommendations with an Iowa Connection

Iowa History 101 Series

Watch the July 9 live webinar with State Curator Leo Landis about how film production has impacted Iowans. For more webinars, visit Iowa History 101 Series

Watch Videos

View the videos below to learn more about filmmakers with an Iowa connection that have had an impact on the industry. 
     + Hollywood Backstories - Don Hall
     + Filmmaker Oscar Micheaux

Goldie at Home Activity

This Goldie at Home activity provides directions on how to draw the Goldie's Kids Club mascot, Goldie the Goldfinch, with instruction provided by Iowan Don Hall of Disney animation fame. Goldie at Home activities connect Iowa history with STEAM education and include easy-to-follow instructions.

Discover Additional Resources

These lists from Produce Iowa - the official State Office of Media Production - catalog famous Iowans involved in the film industry and Iowa filmography. Read these posts from the Iowa Culture blog that feature Iowans' relationship to movies today. 
     + Famous Iowans List; Iowa Filmography List
     + "Path to Hollywood Starts in Postville" Blog Post
     + "Iowa Drive-Ins Draw a New Generation" Blog Post